For over 22 years we've been manufacturing bespoke orthotics and off-the-shelf insoles for the medical sector, including NHS and the Ministry of Defence.

We also manufacture for numerous private clinics- including podiatrists, physiotherapists, osteopaths and many other medical practitioners.

We've assisted Premier League footballers, Tour de France winners, and Olympic champions stay injury-free and perform better for over 22 years with our innovative designs.

All of our off-the-shelf devices sold on our medical website are solely available to clinicians.

Fast becoming the UK's largest and most trusted orthotic manufacturer, with the number of clinicians increasing by over 60% in the last year.

Producing orthotics suitable for the relevant footwear is possible with our innovative designs.

We believe this proves our orthotics are a major contributor to the successful treatment of patients in all clinical settings and coincides with Enertor Medical developing into one of the preferred suppliers into the NHS.

Offering an award winning bespoke orthotic service, manufactured using the latest technologies and material options. Enertor Medical also supply a range of prefabricated insoles available to order from stock for your patients, with choices to suit many foot types and conditions.

Using the same material as our Bespoke Range we also offer a Flex Range (Vacuum Formed) at a lower cost, hand made in Suffolk. Find out more about the Flex Range by clicking here


If you require additional support- we can help. We offer Clinical Support

Either send us a foam impression or a scan of your patients foot, we will then create a prescription, send it to you to confirm;
then we'll put your order into production.

Contact for pricing

Enertor & RSscan Lab are pleased to announce a new Foot Scanning system specifically aimed at clinicians
working in hospitals,private clinics and projects aiming to improve patients gait and posture.

Having worked with gait analysis systems for the past 22 years and learnt a huge amount about movements,
we have a much better understanding of what clinicians want from having a pressure system in their clinic.

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