Semi-Bespoke- First Steps Sport Red

Semi-Bespoke- First Steps Sport Red

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The First Steps Sport is an EVA insole with 2 degree's of intrinsic rearfoot control, a deep heel cup and comes with a met dome built in as standard.
The research behind this orthotic is the same as the research that started the D3D™ revolution. With a high level of control, an ultra-high level of durability, water repellent and the ability to resist odour, what more could a sports device offer?
A device linked directly to the D3D™ device this EVA orthotic is aimed at the sporting patient and is available in medium and high density. These come in three arch heights F, FN and N and two different densities (blue = medium and red = High) When using the First Steps Sport as your semi-bespoke option you have the ability to add 2 pairs of additional modifications to the device using the semi-bespoke order form.

Please ensure you’ve attached all relevant data and foam boxes or casts are sent in the post to our address.